Sunday, October 10, 2010

full description of my concept

The works here were made in different Priods of my life and because of that, they have different themes. Some of them came from my unconscious  and are abstract free-works and the other ones are based on the ancient philosophies related to the sprituality and have the precise patterns.
In the first part I tried to be a middle ground between my inner world and work for pote relationship with my subconscious or my shaman's world. It is a sacred-creative  journey to understand the  origin world.
The second part of the journey is vice versa. Create a shortcut through ancient religious-spritual models for increasing belive in his being. I think modern man has lost his authenticity and uniqueness because of the negative politics had been leadede to live a industrialized and empty life. We have lost the real relationship with ourselves and we turn away more and more from our supreme and unlimited essence.
I’m trying to present the keys to re-bilive in ourselves, to a continuous development to be supreme. To breathe again as gods and goddesses in order to arrive to what human always tried to find, the lost paradise. Now, here on our world and our lives.
I hope as much as possible.